BORDAS SAS, subsidiary of the DESTILACIONES BORDAS CHINCHURRETA S.A. Group, was created in 2003 to promote the product range of the group in France and develop partnerships with producers, services providers in order to expand our catalogue and services.

Founded in 1922 by Ramon Bordas, the company is still 100 % family-owned and managed today by the 2nd and 3rd generation. From Essential oils to Turpentine derivatives, Bordas combines the preservation of traditional natural essential oils distillation techniques with the development of chemistry applied to industry.


The group policy is to be present at the heart of the extraction zone to ensure production and product follow up at its best through its subsidiaries. The group :

  • Destilaciones Bordas Chinchurreta S.A. (Mothercompany), Sevilla, Spain.

Essential oils and turpentine derivatives for F&F industry.

  • GEROMA, Brazil.

Turpentine, Mints, fusel derivatives, trading.

  • EVESA, Spain.

Paprika, Labdanum and Cistus derivatives.

  • BORDAS SAS, France.

Distribution of the group’s products