Our history

The French Company Bordas S.A.S. was created in 2003 as part of the DESTILACIONES BORDAS CHINCHURRETA S.A. group, in order to strengthen its commercial presence and insure the broadening of the product range proposed to the customers.

It is first of all a story of men and women, partners for over 40 years, who have allied their know-how to provide more expertise and knowledge to their suppliers and customers.

The Bordas group has stayed a family-owned business since its creation. Under the impulse of Gonzalo and Ramon Bordas, one of its entities has been dedicated to the proximity and strengthening of the relationship with the partners. Brigitte Martin, founder, and Sandra Guillemaux, actual CEO of BORDAS S.A.S, started working for an important Flavor & Fragrance trading Company where they built experience. The gathering of their industrial and commercial know-how allowed the rise of this new structure. Developing an antenna in France, more precisely in Marseille, close to the historical cradle of the “Parfumerie de Grasse” in the heart of Europe, was a strategic choice for the Bordas group.